WET wet paint

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Image of WET wet paint

Spray paint, acrylic and ink on found MTA WET PAINT sign.


Includes Certificate of Authenticity


Adam began preparing these in mid 2021 for the Wet Paint Atlanta group show Adam participated in at ABV Gallery. Only one piece was completed and sent to Atlanta. Three additional piece remained unfinished until now. Every WET PAINT show Adam was a part of his pieces all sold out.

For a little more about We Are Wet Paint and their group shows see below:

Wet Paint is a traveling art show, curated by Dave Persue, Wane One, that captures the palpable tension between the MTA and graffiti writers in New York City. When the authorities clean up subway station graffiti by painting over it, they routinely display “Wet Paint'' signs.


Image of WET wet paint Image of WET wet paint Image of WET wet paint